Admix Rotofoil Mixing Impeller

The Rotofoil mixing impeller is an economical low shear agitator used in many applications for mixing immiscible liquids and dissolving solids that tend to agglomerate. The Rotofoil prevents deposition, hot dispersion, and floc circulation, and is ideal for viscosities up to 5,000 mPa x s. 
It has been used for years across various industries including food and beverage, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, chemical and coatings, and wastewater treatment.

Axial mixing with energy savings
The Rotofoil impeller was hydrodynamically developed to reduce power consumption by maximizing flow and minimizing turbulence or shear. Turbulence at the impeller gives no flow but does consume power. The Rotofoil transfers the available energy into pure axial flow without turbulence at the impeller.  
Most liquid-liquid blending and solids suspension applications require a controlled uniform flow pattern throughout the entire batch. The Rotofoil develops strong axial currents that follow the tank geometry all the way out to the corners and a 70% energy saving can be expected compared to traditional 45° pitch turbines that spread the flow 45° or more resulting in a disrupted flow pattern.

Lower cost of ownership
Thanks to the strong axial flow of the Rotofoil, it can be positioned higher in the batch than a conventional impeller. It has a shorter shaft, a smaller shaft diameter and a smaller bearing frame, so it is more cost-effective than other agitators on the market.

Hydrodynamics, the key to lower energy costs 
Just like a wing of an airplane, a mixing impeller creates turbulence from the back of the blades, if their angle of attack is too steep. Turbulence provides no agitation, but draws a lot of power. The hydrodynamic Rotofoil transmits almost all the energy for movement of the liquid, with minimal energy wasted on turbulence.