The Dressings, Mayonnaise & Sauces Industry

Dressings & Sauces IndustryThe salad dressing, mayonnaise, and sauce market has grown and changed drastically in recent years, with ethnic, organic, reduced-calorie, and international varieties becoming consumer favorites with major pressure from the food service sectors as well as millennials to go "clean label." New and challenging ingredients continue to be pain points for processors who demand the best commercial mixing equipment.

Besides formula changes to meet consumer demand, the volatile egg situation caused by the Avian flu in 2015 has driven reformulation to reduce costs and to eliminate risk factors in source. From oil-in-water emulsions to uniformly distributing particulate to milling delicate emulsions, Admix offers mixing, milling and powder induction equipment that creatively solves these challenges along with excellent technical support.

Admix is a proud member of the Association of Dressing & Sauces and has designed products dedicated to salad dressing and mayonnaise processing. The Admix MayoMill is built off the proven Boston Shearmill platform, so the need to disassemble the unit for cleaning and seal failures caused by high pressure are both eliminated. The MayoMill is CIPable and meets 3-A sanitary standard #36-01.

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